eBooks Editorial

While browsing Gizmodo, I came accross a good write up about eBooks, and their future and when or if it might come about.

The article makes some comparisons to the iPod and it’s penetration into the industry, but then says it similarities stop at the fact that the eBook changes the fundamental way in which the medium is used. You are not flipping the pages, you are not losing your place in the book if you set it down for a moment.

The author talks with book industry people about the fact that even if there was a viable color eBook reader, no publisher wants to take the leap into the digital book world and be there first. They’ll happily do it once it’s been done, but noone wants to be first. Not that I blame them.

The idea of an eBook is great and a little crazy at the same time. I would love to be able to have a favorite book searchable for a certian quote (or even for students for paper writing) or having quick bookmarks set up for maps or appendixes. The author makes mention of the fact that while digital books will come, there should not be a fear that print media will go away any time. After all, would you want to carry your digital book to the beach? Or have it toss around the back of your car until you get around to reading it? I think not.

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