Nintendo DS Marketing Speach

I saw on 1up that Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo’s new marketing guru, was speaking at the Ziff Davis Games Summit. 1up was kind enough to publish the transcription of the speach too. How kind.

I think I like this Reggie. His speach of course is very pro-Nintendo, but still maintains an air of “we don’t think the PSP is bad, we just think ours is going to be better.” He covers some of they “whys” of the Game Boy’s past success, and what he belives the philosophy is for the new system. Convergence is the key, or at least the prediction. People want multiple things in one small package, the problem is no one has been able to do it right so far. Both the PSP with it’s video and music playback and the DS and it’s dual screens and stylus gaming, are interesting concepts that will make the next few years exciting.

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