A Challenge and social networking?

My wife challenged me to something and I’m going to take her up on it. Write here on Cinder Inc. for a week straight. At least once a day. “It’s your blog, you can be self indulgent and get away with it really easily. Just write though.” So why not.

Social networks. I’ve always liked the idea. Friendster and Live Journal have been around a while. I’ve tried them out in the past. Hell, I’ve got pages on both. I think I may even have one on Classmates.com, though if I do it was done ages ago. So I’ve tried out some in the past, but never really gotten into it. So why am I starting a MySpace profile? Good question.

So far after just signing up last night, I now have MySpace. Uh. Yay? Dunno yet, but it seems to combine a bit of the above networks into one. I’ve found some family and friends from school days already. Kinda fun in a way, but I really need to finish filling out the page and getting it put together. May be a way to keep track of people I suppose. It might even get more than two people to visit here from time to time. We’ll see.

One thought on “A Challenge and social networking?”

  1. BA–

    During this week long challenge, please update your loyal fan base on the status of your child…

    Both of us are very curious


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