Pat Robertson Makes Me Mad

Okay. You know what, I’ve had it with Pat Robertson. The old guy has gone too far, again. Saying that because the citizens of Dover, PA voted out the school board that was trying to bring intelligent design into science classrooms, God has left there town and if a disaster strikes, too bad. God isn’t going to help you. What the fuck.

I’m sad for the moderate Republicans and moderate Christians these days. With crackpots shooting off their mouths, behaving in a decidedly non-Christian ways, and then claiming to represent the will of God in the country. Is God going to leave you because you don’t agree with him? Did Jesus suggest overthrowing the Romans, or assassinating Herrod? No. Pat Robertson, where is the God of love and peace and forgiveness that I learned about? Where is your tolerance and willingness to embrace the outcasts? I guess I’m just not down with this warmongering, if you’re not 100% with us you are wrong type of mentality that I see in some of the Republican party over the last 5 years.

I understand Pat Robertson that you believe that you are saving the country from going down the road to Soddom and Gamorra, our “moral decline”. I see it as taking our country away from the freedoms it was founded upon, creating a society of intolerance and fear. I’m glad that moderate Republicans are finally standing up to the far-right and getting the country back on a middle road that can more evenly represent the will of the American people. Keep working guys. Keep working on bringing your party back from the brink, and saving it from people like Pat Robertson and Dick Cheney.