Coffee Roasting – Victrola Style

I saw a coffee related article on Gizmodo and I knew I had to click it.

The article linked was from Tonx of Victrola Coffee. It’s a local shop up in Seattle, just down the street from where my wife works. They used to use beans from Vivace, a local Seattle coffee institution. Their shop has great ambiance, though I never felt as a barista that I’d ever be hip enough to work there, but besides that they had a nice comfortable setup. I’m glad to see they’ve got a guy tracking his coffee and communicating it to the wide world.

Also fun is that he’s a Word Press user, and he’s using the same template as me for his site. Quality.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Roasting – Victrola Style”

  1. Great little tidbit to feed the masses, brother. I enjoyed probably more than anything that you found this article through a “gadget weblog.” Just get a couple of tattoos, wear a studded belt, tight, tapered pants and a band t-shirt and you’ll fit right in with the self-proclaimed hip crowd. Would it correlate with the electrical engineering degree? hmmmm.

  2. What a nice site, been surfing on it for the whole night and day and i neva got bored for a single minute. Keep up your good work and all of the best in everything you do! 🙂

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