Doukutsu Monogatari

Doukutsu MonogatariThis amazing little game was brought to my attention by Insert Credit. Doukutsu Monogatari is three weeks of work by a Japanese programmer called Pixel. It’s a little adventure platforming game similar to say Metroid. It’s hard to describe how the game fits together to make a game that is not only challenging, but engrossing, fresh, and pulls together everthing in a tight package that so many companies try so hard to reach. It’s by no means revolutionary, or filled with new ideas, but it is one of those games that you just can’t wait to keep playing.

It’s fun weapon leveling system, and creative music, and story all take you in. It’s got secrets to spare, and three endings to search out. Play it. It’s worth it. Go here to get the game (it’s the first link), and then go here to get the English patch (easy to install).

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  1. I was just messing around shooting the machine gun everywhere in the room with the dog. I found this hole that led to an area where you can get Curly’s Underwear.

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