Worpress 2.0.3 Upgrade

I wrote a while ago about my plan to upgrade from WordPress 1.5 to 2.0, but never actually got around to doing so. Work and family took precedence over playing around with FTP, PHP and any other fun acronyms that make the web run. That being said, I had a few extra hours this weekend and ran the upgrade and so now what you see is WordPress 2.0.3 Wow.

Nothings different really. For the most part, it doesn’t to much to the interface that users see from what I’ve been able to tell. It’s got a more robust backend and admin panel to help me manage this site a bit better. I’m looking at also getting a new visual template and giving the site a new look past the WordPress default, which while nice, makes it look like a ton of other no thought sites out there. Any template reccomendations would be appreciated!

It should also help me create different user accounts so I can give my wife a login and she can post on her own, without any help from me, and it will be authored by her in the byline as well.

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