Puzzle Quest – Challenge of the Warlords

Puzzle Quest Challenge of the WarlordsPuzzle Quest – Challenge of the Warlords

I heard about this game through a recommendation on Quarter to Three and after hearing the buzz I knew I’d have to get it. It’s a puzzle game, similar to the match three colors of Bejeweled, but it adds a fantasy story and skill system on top to really add another complete level.

You pick from one of four typical medieval classes (Knight, Warrior, Druid, Wizard) and with each having their own special skills that have different effects. You move about the country side doing quests for people (kill the rats in the cellar type things), but what makes it fun is the battles. You fight the rats, orcs or elves by playing a Bejeweled like game, with each side taking turns on the board. You match 3 or more of like gems of different colors to gain magic points so you can use your skills, while matching three skulls causes damage to your opponent. Couple this with the fact that your opponent is trying to do the same to you, and you start having to look moves ahead to try and win.

Filled with numerous variations, like being able to capture enemies so you can either learn their skills or use them as a “horse” and ride them into battle, or sieging the different cities you come across and bringing them under your control, the game is addicting. Jess and I both fight over who gets the DS to play before bed to just play a few more levels, or complete the next quest. Addicting, fun, easy to get into, but a lot of depth and different strategies to take as you progress in the game. The story is nothing to write home about, but then this isn’t about the story! It’s about beating an orc by playing bejeweled! What could be better!

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