Blogging Quest – A Playthrough Blog Of Sierra’s Quest Games?

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing my own Gameplay Blog, but realizing I have limited time and such to do so. I think I’ve got a possible way to pull something together and I think that it could work.

The idea is to play through all of the old classic Sierra On-Line adventure games, in chronological order, starting with King’s Quest – Quest for The Crown and working my way though the Space Quests, Police Quests, Quests for Glory (aka Hero’s Quest), Manhunter and a few other side adventures along the way.

I’ve played through most all of the older games, and a number of the newish ones but I’ve got a lot of remembering and typing and searching ahead of me if this actually all works out. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Blogging Quest – A Playthrough Blog Of Sierra’s Quest Games?”

  1. Yesss – I can’t wait to read about the Perils of Rosella! Insert disk 5…Insert disk 2…..Insert disk 8…

    Oh, and I’m almost positive that I’ve actually used the word ‘buckazoid’ in front of people who have never heard of Space Quest. cool. really cool.

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